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Cocktail Selection

Ginger All The Way $16

spiced rum, bailey's, ginger, cream, clove

Midnight Mass $12

tio pepe, martini rosso, grand marnier, bitters

Santa's Little Helper $15

cherry brandy, whole egg, cream, nutmeg, cinnamon

Sappy Old Fashioned $14

bulleit bourbon, maple, bitters

Noggin' On Heaven's Door $13

vodka, kahlua, eggnog

Abuelita Margarita $14

gold tequila, triple sec, cranberries, lime juice, syrup

Nan's Sugar Bush $14

vodka, butter ripple, maple syrup, cream

You're What The French Call,
“Les Incompétents” $14

gin, prosecco, lemon juice, juniper simple

Granny's Cane (Shot) $7

vanilla vodka, creme de cacao, peppermint

Berry White (Mocktail) $6

wildberry, ginger beer, lime juice, honey syrup, mint

Draught Selection

Dominion City Avian Principality American Brown Ale

12oz $5.31 ~  16oz  $7.97

Ottawa, On

Collective Arts Brewing Life in the Clouds IPA
12oz  $5.31  ~  16oz  $7.97
Hamilton, On


Cameron’s Brewing Company Beste Bock
12oz  $5.31  ~  16oz  $7.97
Oakville, On


Spearhead Brewing Company Lighter Lager
12oz  $5.31  ~  20oz  $7.97
Kingston, On


Collective Arts Brewing Nature of Things Cider
12oz  $5.31  ~  16oz  $7.97
Hamilton, On

From Nan’s Kitchen
Pierogies $18

cremini mushrooms, smoked bacon, pickled onions, dijon cheddar cream

Potato Gnocchi $18

candied walnut pesto, marinated tomatoes, parmesan petals, fresh herbs

Charcuterie Board $25

genoa salami, smoked duck, dubliner cheddar, brie, rosemary crostinis

Pesto Bruschetta $17

candied walnuts, goat’s cheese, rosemary foccacia, micro greens

Smoked Duck Crostinis $18

pineapple salsa, sriracha aioli, cherry compote

Margherita Flatbread $18

bocconcini, roma tomatoes, basil chiffonade, balsamic reduction

Pulled Brisket Sliders $22

jameson bbq sauce, rosemary aioli, pickled onions

Carrot Cake $12

layers of cinnamon-spiced carrot cake, chopped walnuts, diced pineapples, velvety cream cheese,

crushed walnuts, smooth caramel sauce


rich espresso-soaked sponge cake, mascarpone cream cheese, light cocoa powder dusting

Chocolate Mousse $12

light chocolate mousse, sweet custard, chocolate shavings



prices do not include all applicable taxes

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